Recent Emails From Clients



Hi Nick,

Thanks for staying in touch. You should be commended on your professional and timely correspondence.

John A.

You are great. Hope I have a chance to meet you personally and shake your hand. If the world had more people like you it would be a blessing.

Melinda F.


YOU are THE man!   thanks again

Gerry D.


If I don't talk to you again before the holidays I wish you all the best and a great big huge fat THANK YOU !!!!

Diana R.


1st Week of November's Highlights- 3 Levy Releases, Abatement of $13,762, and 3 Summon Quashes!

Succesfully Abated $13,702.  Hire another company and you may end up paying that amount just in their fees and still not get the results you will with me!  I also had three new client come to me whose bank accounts had previously been levied and paycheck garnished, all released!  Not to mention three summons quashed!

Prepared an old 2006 1040 personal income tax return and was able to negotiate the release of a bank accout levy for this client.

Client has unfiled returns, but was still able to manage a wage garnishment release (not common)!

There were also three clients who came to me where I was able to quash the summons (not pictured).  Which means that the taxpayer did not have to meet with the Internal Revenue Service.  Busy week, but a very successful one. 

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Wage Garnishment Released Within Hours of Hiring Nick

Within a few hours from hiring Nick, this taxpayer had their wage garnishment released by the Internal Revenue Service. 
Although it is not typical to have a wage garnishment released without providing financial statments and while having unfiled tax returns,  I managed to negotiate a release with the ACS Collection Agent.