Berkshire Financial Calling You? Beware

Just received a call from a call from a taxpayer who owed $45,000 in IRS personal income tax debt.  He said Berkshire Financial has been calling him and saying that for $3000 they could resolve his debt for .12 cents on the dollar and have it done in 45 days.   This is the type of lies that I have to compete against in my industry and is a shame that government refuses to do anything about this (with the popular anti-government rhetoric going on now I honestly don't expect any legislation to get done in this industry).

The truth is that an Offer in Compromise takes months before the case is even assigned to an Offer Investigator let alone approved (or most likely denied).   Going over this taxpayers financial statements I told him that there is no way the IRS will accept an Offer in Compromise and I understand that what Berkshire Financial is telling him sounds real enticing but in the long run he is definitely throwing good money on bad.

Of course I lose out on deals by being honest, while other companies like Berkshire and the host of other ambulance chasers out there make out like bandits.