Why Gamble With Your Tax Debt? Contact Nicholas Hartney, EA Today to Fix Your Tax Problems | 7 Things to Consider Before Placing Your Bet

Hiring a Tax Resolution Firm is a Gamble | 7 Things to Consider Before Placing Your Bet on a Tax Firm 

1.  Did the tax resolution firm contact you without being solicited to do so (i.e. Ambulance Chaser)? I have wrote extensively about these firms .   If after reading these posts you are still unsure....

..2. Can you speak to the person who will be working your case? If no, then you probably want to avoid this tax resolution firm.  If you can then you want to ask them...

..3. Will they be handling your case or should you expect to be working more with their paralegals (who 99.99% of the time are not true paralegals, really just anyone they can find willing to work for $10-$12 an hour).  This should be an interesting conversation.  

4. Ask them about their billing.  How will they bill you?  Can you see an example of a retainer billing statement? Will they charge you $50 per fax?  Hundreds of dollars for a template letter?  Again, this should be an interesting conversation.

5. How long have they been with the firm?  Most of the Tax Resolution firms are high-pressure boiler rooms and as such have the tendency to have an extremely high turnover rate.  

6. Is the majority of their salary based on asking on their clients for more money?  Most of these firms treat their attorneys, CPA's and enrolled agents as a sales force, not a professional tasked with resolving the case.  

7. After questioning the tax resolution firm, ask yourself if it feels like a bait-and-switch.  Is the sales person saying one thing and the representative telling you something different, is their gaps in their stories? 

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