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Dealing with the ACS (Automated Collection System) of the IRS can be a Nightmare

 Here is a brief example of what I deal with on a daily basis throughout the work week:
1) Wait on hold from anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour (most often closer to an hour).
2) Speak to some angry IRS collection representatives who has been brainwashed to think that people who don't pay their taxes are criminals and deserve to be told a lesson about how morally correct it is to pay their taxes on time (which is really annoying for me having to hear the same lecture every time I call).
3) You think judges who legislate from the bench are bad?  Try dealing with a lowly IRS bill collector who tries to legislate from his cubicle.

Example:  I had a client last week who owed an amount so low that by law she was guaranteed a 5-year installment agreement.  I asked for this particular client to be placed into this type of payment plan and the ACS Agent says to me, "This taxpayer has avoided us for so long, why should we place her on an installment agreement."  I politely …

What Clients Are Saying...

Nicholas Hartney, EA | What Clients Are Saying

I failed to file tax returns to the IRS for over 10 years.  Finally, this problem caught up with me and the IRS levied my bank accounts, leaving me with absolutely zero amounts in my checking and saving accounts.  More, they garnished my retirement pay by an amount that would have only left me about $300 per month from the $3,000 I usually receive. Naturally, I was in a panic.  I had seen all the commercials on TV for tax resolution companies, but each one failed scrutiny via Google searches about complaints against them.  I didn't know what to do so I tried Googling for local tax resolution companies and found Nick Hartney's website, .   I checked his company out on the Internet and couldn't find a single complaint ... I gave him a call.   Here are the facts I've learned: 1.  You see TV commercial after TV commercial from companies promising to handle your IRS problems for "penn…

Why does Omni-Financial, Berkshire Capital Partners and other tax resolution companies have a decent BBB record but horrible reputations?

Omni-Financial, Berkshire Capital Partners
Get a call from Omni-FinanicalorBerkshire Capital Partnersregarding a federal or state tax lien?  Read this and my other posts before deciding on who to hire for back tax debt help.

Get a call from a tax resolution company due to a federal or state tax lien being filed? Did it sound anything like this video?

Because of the high level of competition in the tax help/resolution industry there are several telemarketing companies slick enough to realize that it is smarter to refund a client in full then to get another BBB complaint.  On average, I am able to assist my clients by drafting a demand of refund letter after they realize they had been hoodwinked (i.e. the sales guy tells them one thing, the person assigned to their case tells them another and asks them several more thousands of dollars in the process).  
Another trick they use to mislead consumers is to change the business name by using a dba name such as Berkshire Financial Consulting who …

How to Get Your Money Back From Tax Resolution Companies

Because of the high level of competition in the tax debt help/resolution industry some companies remain concerned with their BBB report.  I know one large tax firm in Colorado who will give you a refund if you:

1) Threaten to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

2) If you threaten the person who signed your power of attorney individually by reporting them to their states BAR (if an attorney) and/or the Office of Professional Responsibility.

3) File a complaint with your State's Attorney Generals Office.

Most of the companies out there already have such a poor BBB record that they do not care about further complaints in which case it is best to go directly to the person assigned to your case (assuming they are even licensed) with your threat and refund demand.  Send them a thirty day demand of refund letter specify your issues you had with their services and/or marketing lies (i.e. the sales guy told you it would be a flat fee and a few months later they are asking you for …