All Bank Account Levies Lifted in less than 24 hours from Hiring!

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 This taxpayer hired me on January 10, 2011, the next day I had all four of his accounts (joint personal checking for himself and his wife, and three accounts that were used by his children) released! 

Internal Revenue Service Bank levies are not always easy or possible to release.  It is always, of course, easier to be proactive and hire someone prior to the IRS levying your account-it makes the world a whole lot easier for both yourself and your representative.  But for those who for whatever reason delayed in seeking help it is still possible to have bank levies released in the right situation (or hiring someone who is skilled in knowing how to talk and negotiate with the collection agents at ACS and Revenue Officers).

Often times having a federal bank levy released can be an all day endeavor (as was the case with this client)-going back and forth with Automated Collection Services [ACS] through several phone calls throughout the day-often times you will be hold waiting to speak to each rep-a different one each time you call their call center- for 30 minutes or longer).

My advice is if you owe a tax debt, don't wait to get help- don't add any more scars to serve as a reminder of delay and procrastination.  Contact me today!  

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