How to Get Your Money Back From Tax Resolution Companies

Because of the high level of competition in the tax debt help/resolution industry some companies remain concerned with their BBB report.  I know one large tax firm in Colorado who will give you a refund if you:

1) Threaten to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

2) If you threaten the person who signed your power of attorney individually by reporting them to their states BAR (if an attorney) and/or the Office of Professional Responsibility.

3) File a complaint with your State's Attorney Generals Office.

Most of the companies out there already have such a poor BBB record that they do not care about further complaints in which case it is best to go directly to the person assigned to your case (assuming they are even licensed) with your threat and refund demand.  Send them a thirty day demand of refund letter specify your issues you had with their services and/or marketing lies (i.e. the sales guy told you it would be a flat fee and a few months later they are asking you for several more thousand dollars).

The State Attorney Generals Office should be used as a last resort.  Attorney General Offices across the country have already shut down or sued various tax resolution companies such as JK Harris, Tax Masters, American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch among others.

I can help you draft a formal letter if you need assistance.  Last month I helped my clients obtain refunds of $11,500 from money they were duped out of by slick talking high pressure con artists.  Please contact me at 720.340.4065 or email  and I will help you not only solve your tax situation but also get your money back from these bottom feeders.