My Experience Colonial Tax Consultants Denver Colorado

Colonial Tax Consultants or ctctax as of this posting has 3 complaints posted with the Better Business Bureau as follows; I originally had posted the graphic from the BBB until I was called after "someone" complained that I was using their graphic.  The lady at the BBB had suggested that I not show others BBB complaints as it may make me look bad (ah yes, irony at its finest).  I agreed to take down their graphic but I see nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that my company has 0 complaints and others in my industry have several complaints.  That is a competitive advantage for me so why wouldn't I show it?  I would think that consumers (ethical ones anyway) would appreciate that I am trying to provide them with the information to make a well informed and thus better decision before they hire but I also understand that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so I have decided to take down the BBB s graphic showcasing their complaints against Colonial Tax Consultants out of Denver, Colorado and replace it with my first hand experience of the firm.

The Truth Is, I Founded Colonial Tax Consultants Back in 2005 and When I Was There We Never Had a BBB Complaint!

Back in 2004 I worked with John Claudell and Josh Hartley at Omni-Financial.  We all three agreed the work environment was horrible, a boiler-room to sum it up as it was all about rewriting your clients to hit your monthly quota, John and myself decided to go with Clear Creek Consulting in hopes that they would be better as we worked with their two owners at Omni-Financial.  Turns out it was the same song and dance as Omni.  Josh went to work at Quantum-Financial, now Berkshire Capital Partners (among one of their DBA names) to work as a "closer" in their sales department.  Josh and myself still kept in touch and I decided to ask him if he would be interested in starting our own business and that I could bring John along as the attorney we needed at the time (both Josh and myself did not earn our licenses at this point and needed someone to sign on the power of attorney forms).  We all three decided to start Colonial Tax Consultants as three equal partners.  

Josh was to be our sales guy as he had the experience from Quantum, John would handle all negotiations with the IRS and I would be the customer contact person/sales/provide work on tax returns, deal with the IRS as needed, etc. 

It turns out that Josh did not like to cold call (and I do not blame him one bit, it is the white collar equivalent of digging ditches) so I was stuck being the main sales person, generating over 95% of our revenue!  I thought there had to be a better way to obtain clients than cold calling all day so I went to my friend Josh Wills, a professional website and graphic arts designer to build us a website.  John was against the idea as he didn't want to spend the money and thought of it as a waste of time.  Josh and myself did manage to talk him into it and a really nice website was created.

Josh somehow convinced us to give him time away from sales to look at other marketing opportunities. To his credit he stumbled onto Google Adwords and business started booming.  My wife had just given birth to our second child, a son and within a few months her post-postpartum depression would eventually lead to her moving out of the house and a messy divorce was in the process. Court dates and meetings with our attorneys would ensue for the next several months which caused me understandably (to a reasonable person) to miss regular business hours. 

While I was dealing with the divorce,  John and Josh collaborated and found that it would be nice to split the profits two ways instead of three and with Google Adwords generating easy to close leads I became expendable.  One day John (Josh must have decided it was more important to eat lunch) came into my office and said he could no longer work with me.  I was forced out of the business I had started.  But in my heart of hearts working with these guys everyday, I knew one day I would eventually start my own company and do things my way. 

I started Colonial Tax Consultants in November 2004 and was pushed out of my own company in February of 2006.  After agreeing to the buy out (which they offered me a whole whopping $10,000 which I had to take due to attorney costs for the divorce) I went to work for 20/20 Consulting while I worked on my Enrolled Agent license.  As soon as I received my license by the IRS I got out of there faster than Martha Stewart sold her stocks in ImClone.

And here I am today, with my own business, doing things myself and shaking up the industry-all by myself.  Life is good .

Once upon a time...