Why You Should Not Hire a Former IRS Agent!

I know you have heard all the commercials or radio ads from these fly by night companies that employ "former IRS Agents".  As if they have the secrets of the IRS at their disposal like they are some kind of modern day high-priest hoarding all the knowledge for themselves.  The truth is former IRS agents do not know as much as these companies would lead you to believe.

I have worked with former IRS Agents (former Internal Revenue Service Collection Agents working at ACS as well as former IRS Revenue Officers) and I wasn't impressed with their representation skills at all.  In fact, they advocate more on the side of the IRS than they do their clients.  And why wouldn't they?  After years of brainwashing by the Federal Government they all of sudden have some sort of revelation and now ready to serve the very people they oppressed?  Give me a break.

Most of these former IRS Agents get out of working from the IRS either after they get fired for being maverick revenue officers (i.e. harassing taxpayers so they can collect)  or they finish their 20 years and are now looking to make some extra money by touting their IRS experience (i.e. being the bullies for the IRS).

In my humble opinion it takes a certain individual (for example see the movie Dinner for Schmucks where both Schmucks were IRS Auditors and you'll get my drift) to work for the IRS, especially years of working for the IRS.  I'll leave it at that.

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