Need A Break From Thinking About Tax Debt? Check Out My Favorite Show AMC's Breaking Bad

We all need a break from dealing with the stress of dealing with the IRS (whom after dealing with for the past decade I view as part of the Criminal Justice System-since the criminals seem to be the ones running it!) and my favorite show to get my mind off taxes is AMC's Breaking Bad. When I need a break from the stressful task of representing taxpayers from the IRS I get to escape by watching my favorite show of all-time, AMC's Breaking Bad.

If you have not heard of it here is the synopsis:  An underachieving chemical engineer working as a high-school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and decides to go into business of manufacturing methamphetamine (crystal meth) with the goal of raising enough money to support his family before he dies. 

It is a nice way to escape the daily stress of dealing with tax debt (or like me, from other people's tax debt :), here is a clip from the show: