Reference and Recommendation for Nicholas Hartney, E.A.'s Services

I failed to file tax returns to the IRS for over 10 years.  Finally, this problem caught up with me and the IRS levied my bank accounts, leaving me with absolutely zero amounts in my checking and saving accounts.  More, they garnished my retirement pay by an amount that would have only left me about $300 per month from the $3,000 I usually receive.

Naturally, I was in a panic.  I had seen all the commercials on TV for tax resolution companies, but each one failed scrutiny via Google searches about complaints against them.  I didn't know what to do so I tried Googling for local tax resolution companies and found Nick Hartney's website,   

I checked his company out on the Internet and couldn't find a single complaint ... I gave him a call.  

Here are the facts I've learned:

1.  You see TV commercial after TV commercial from companies promising to handle your IRS problems for "pennies on the dollar" and each is BS ... that is, unless you are in certain circumstances that only apply to a very few ... that's how they try to get away with making the "pennies on the dollar" claims

2. Nevertheless, most of the "TV commercial companies" eventually wind up being busted by the Federal Trade Commission and/or their local state attorney generals office ... such as Roni Deutch, American Tax Relief, Tax Masters and just about any other tax resolution company you see advertised on TV!

3. You're going to have to file your back tax returns and you're going to have to pay the IRS, including penalties, interest and fees ... the only questions are how can you get the back returns filed quickly and then negotiate with the IRS for how much you'll have to pay each month to enable the IRS to release bank levies, garnishments and withhold action to take your home -- that's where a tax resolution expert can help and Nick is an expert in this field

No "pie in the sky" promises; no unrealistic expectations, Nick tells you the facts and then goes to work to get your returns filed and then negotiate the best deal possible with the IRS to enable you to pay the lowest amount each month possible (that amount will be high ... but not as high as it would be if you tried this on your own!).

Nick is an honest player in a sea of dishonest big TV advertised companies.  He saved my financial life.  Plain and simple.
Dave C.  

Note from Nick:  Dave is one of many clients available to provide a telephone reference on demand.