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Beware of Ambulance Chasing Telemarketers Calling You Regarding a Government Tax Lien; Direct Violation of IRS Circular 230!

Ring*Ring* "Hello we are calling to speak to the (owner/Mr./Ms.x) regarding a private matter".

"Yes this is Ms. X". 

"Ms. X, we are calling you regarding a federal tax lien that was filed are you aware of that?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well Ms. X (in pleasant "soft" voice, usually female) I am with Muddy Waters Financial and we specialize in helping people resolve their back taxes.  How much are they claiming you owe?"

"Around X amount."

"OK, hold on for me, we can definitely help."

{Transfers you to the "closer" for a hard sell}

"Hello Ms. X, my name is Seth Gideon, I am a senior consultant here at Muddy Waters Financial. We have been in business since Aramaic was still a spoken language....hire us and all the penalty and interest will stop immediately.  If you don't the IRS will levy your bank account!"

Sound familiar?  If you have had the misfortune of the IRS or your State Taxing Authority place…

Keys to a Successful Offer in Compromise | Nicholas Hartney, EA | Genesis Tax Consultants, LLC ©

Keys to Unlock a Successful Offer in Compromise ©by Nicholas Hartney, EA © of Genesis Tax Consultants, LLC©*Updated Article 2018 Here
Contact me: Nicholas Hartney Licensed to Represent Taxpayers Before the IRS 
The Offer in Compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer’s liability for some amount which is less than the full amount due. The IRS has the authority to settle or compromise federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances.

The taxpayer makes an Offer in Compromise on Form 656. If the IRS accepts the Offer in Compromise, then a contract is formed in which the IRS agrees to cancel the tax debt in return for the payment of the agreed sum. The IRS has a whole set of rules, policies and procedures which govern when it will accept an offer.

Unfortunately, you just don’t offer to pay them 10, 25, or 50 cents on the dollar. They look at your offer, compare it to their guidelines and then either accept it, rej…