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Tax Masters, Roni Deutch, JK Harris, Blue Tax and Other National Tax Debt Advertisters Who Use Lies and Half-Truths to Hook Taxpayers

Many people who sufferer from back IRS tax debt first became interested in hiring a tax firm after seeing a  TV commercial or infomercial from one of the many companies who have a national television campaign such as Tax Masters, Roni Deutch, JK Harris or Blue Tax.

In time taxpayers have came to realize that outstanding promotions do not equal outstanding tax debt results as claimed (i.e. pennies on the dollar or a portion of your tax debt). What many have learned is that the best value (quality and price) is not to be found at the heavily advertised national chain tax relief/resolution companies. Rather the best values are the gem in the rough tax firms that do virtually no advertising and obtain clients from good word of mouth on and offline. Unlike the national chain tax firms, quality independents maintain a workable case load and focus on quality rather than quantity.

I recommend that any person considering hiring a tax firm first ask to speak to the person who will actually…